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Acekids Philosophy

lifelong parent-child co-learning

When your kid is young, you are the best teacher to them. While the child attends elementary school, your participation in his learning instill the joy of learning within him. Spend 10 minutes daily with your kid learning with Acekids to discover their potential within months.


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Mikey Chow  MBA

An educator and entrepreneur, Mikey spent valuable time in up-bring his kid; and is proud that his kid is studying his dream course in Singapore prestige university.

Mikey is now sharing his child coaching experience in this innovative Acekids app, including engaging your kid the digital way!

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John Vu  MSc

A System Engineer specializing in Internet-of-Things development, John is the technology consultant in Acekids application design.

John is now applying Acekids philosophy in coaching his 2 young kids and is enjoying the joy of learning by spending less than 10 minutes daily on Acekids with his kids.

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