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3 Challenges faced by your Kindergarten Child (and how to overcome them)

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

We will share how to overcome these challenges with concepts and tactics to help your child transition to Lower Primary Mathematics Learning syllabus.

Young children in preschools start to learn about mathematical concepts that will be further developed in primary school. In Singapore, learning math can, however, be a challenge for some children. We should prepare our children to deal with these challenges.

Challenges faced by children and methods for overcoming them

1. Having difficulty remembering the concepts.

To assist children in remembering concepts, we can work on their visual skills. We can help them visualize how the table or question statement appears.

  • Children can play matching games in order to improve their visual memory.

  • Talking aloud and asking questions are also helpful in improving working memory.

  • It is best to digest the information in small bites to better remember it.

  • Ensure that the concepts are real and use manipulatives, toys, or (E.g) a visit to a supermarket to improve their understanding.

Learning comparison via blocks in Maths
Using toys and manipulatives to learn comparison

2. An inability to recall the sequence.

Sequencing is a difficult skill for many children. To assist children with learning sequences:

  • we can engage them in activities such as cooking, doing laundry, and planting at home.

  • Children may be given written checklists to follow.

  • A parent may read a story to their child and ask him or her to summarize the sequence of events.

3. Lack of attention and motivation.

In order to get the child's attention:

  • play a warm-up game to ease the transition to mathematics.

  • If children are having difficulty focusing, allow them to release tension by tapping their foot, chewing gum or holding on to a sensory ball.

In order to motivate children,

  • we should reward their effort rather than their ability.

  • Make the goals more manageable by breaking them up into smaller portions.

  • Stay patient, be consistent, and be available to your child.

Reward children for effort in Maths
Reward child for effort rather than ability

Why Is It Important to Prepare Your Child?

There are several reasons why it is important to prepare your child for mathematics in primary school. First, maths is a fundamental subject that will be used in many other subjects. It is important for your child to have a strong foundation in maths so that they can excel in other subjects as well.

Second, maths is an important life skill. Children who are good at maths often do better in life than those who are not. It is important to give your child the opportunity to develop this skill from an early age.

Third, preparing your child for maths will help them to develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. These are important skills that will be useful in all areas of their life.

Maths critical thinking and problem solving questions
Develop critical thinking

Get Them into the Right Mindset

It's important to get your child into the right mindset before they start primary school. Maths can be a difficult subject for some children, so it's important to set them up for success.

One way to do this is by helping them to see that maths is all around us. Point out how many things in everyday life involve numbers and counting. Help them to understand that we use maths all the time, even when we're not doing sums or equations.

It's also important to help your child understand that everyone finds maths challenging at times. It's okay to make mistakes - that's how we learn. Encourage your child to keep trying even when they find things difficult.

Finally, praise your child when they do well in maths. This will help them to build confidence and feel good about themselves.

Acekids comparison Maths question
Acekids question on comparison

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