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What is Acekids for?

Acekids makes learning fun. Bond with your kids through education.


Acekids helps you to:

  • motivate your child to keep learning through interesting quizzes

  • be updated with your child’s learning progress

  • solve questions together with your child

  • let your child enjoy the fun of learning in a stress-free environment anytime, anywhere


The questions are based on Singapore’s math curriculum, which has consistently ranked amongst the best in the world in Math literacy. Questions will be sent daily to both you and your child’s device. When your child keys in the answer on his or her device, you will receive a message immediately on your phone. This encourages your child to be an independent learner and also gives you the opportunity to go through the question together if he or she gets it wrong. Receive stars (points) when both of you answer the questions correctly. 

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